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PROMO REEL - C'est la vie! - Saison 1 from Keewu Production on Vimeo.

"C'est la vie !"

Raises awareness about maternal and child health, family planning and gender issues.

"We move, we laugh, we cry, we dance, we learn, we love, we dream… and then we go forward...for "C'est la vie!" "

Charles Sow - Scriptwriter

To support the work of FSP Muskoka in implementing partnerships and similar initiatives conducted in West and Central Africa (WCA), RAES has produced "C'est la Vie", a television series of entertainment education designed to bring topics related to maternal and child health, family planning, gender-based violence and rights in RH and sexuality issues into the public sphere.

"C'est la Vie" also addresses the issue of human resources, promoting best practice among health professionals in Francophone Africa. "C'est la Vie! "has a pre-purchase contract with Canal France International (CFI), whose network boasts forty television channels throughout sub-Saharan Africa and therefore reaches a very wide audience .

C'est la vie !


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